Documenting Family…Some final words.

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I just want to make one thing super clear. Everything I’ve written this month isn’t about me. It was definitely about me shedding a light on where I’m trying to go in my own business. It was a little bit about piquing interest in what I’m doing. But this month was not about me making more money. More than absolutely anything, this month was about expressing a belief held deep inside my soul that says we are doing some things wrong.

The busyness, immediacy, and pace of our world absolutely frightens me. It’s addictive, spiraling, and takes some serious effort not to fall into the trap. For me, photography is one way to pump the brakes. 

documentary family photographer denver colorado

The novelty of a photo has long worn off for some people. We use them as digital profile photos, with the express purpose of showing people our perfect lives. This is so off the mark that I could cry. Photos are for you. Photos should mean something to the people in them. It doesn’t matter what your friend from college or your uncle or your teacher from elementary school think about them. 

And that’s why I love documentary photography. It’s insanely personal and the photographs show you how beautiful your family is, right now. Without the new outfits, without the really random field, and without the golden sunlight. Do you want to remember the season of time when your kid only wore a fireman costume? Or how you guys eat cereal for dinner every Sunday because mom says the kitchen is closed? Or how about your family movie nights or the games you play putting the kids to sleep each night?

That! That is real life! And that is what I hope the next generation has documented for them. Identity can be a hard thing to find for young people, and if they have record of the love they had growing up, it’s a great starting place.

So I’m going to finish this month with an encouragement for all of you to think about booking a documentary family session. Consider the investment. If you don’t love my work, there are plenty of documentary family photographers all over the country. I would be so happy to put you in touch with them. We’re kind-of like a badass club. There are so many ways that we can make changes in our lives. I think one of the biggest is slowing down to appreciate ourselves right now, in the very moment we are sitting in. Not 10 pounds from now, not when the house is cleaner, and absolutely not when our kids are a little older and more well-behaved.

You are doing a great job, moms and dads. Now come let me show you just how great you are and give you a tangible proof of the haven you’re creating for your family.

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