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Copywriting Example:

Kimberly Mitiska Photography


Full website copywriting

Kimberly is a wedding, family, and brand photographer. We had a big job in making sure all of her services got great visibility on her site, all while talking to her target audience in each arena. We wanted to honor her passion and truly her love for her job and her clients. She is so focused on their experience and documenting a real slice of their life and we needed that to shine through.





Kimberly thinks about the past and the future for her clients so they can enjoy what’s happening in the present. She is considering how families will treasure their images while she takes them. She’s thinking about grandkids looking at a wedding album as she designs it. She knows that she is witnessing personal history every time she picks up her camera. We wanted her sincerity to come across in every word.


“You’re writing a new history together … and I am your historian. 

Your story started long before I showed up, and will continue long after I’ve put my camera away. 
But this day and this moment reflect the perfectly imperfect truth of YOU. 

I’m honored to bear witness to this expression of your love and help you
authentically record this extraordinary new chapter.


A screenshot of Kimberly Mitiska Photography's website in a copywriting example case study


We loved Kim’s passion for this. She wanted the copy to evoke as much emotion as she brings to her weddings and sessions. She wanted people to know that she took this seriously and that each client really matters to her. We loved working with someone who was so experienced but had such a fresh and dedicated perspective about serving her clients well. Our writer Jenny embodied that passion and got to dig deep into why Kimberly loves what she does and what her clients love about her.



Working with Green Chair Stories from start to finish was an amazing experience. I felt so lost & overwhelmed when I initially reached out. Writing my website copy felt absolutely daunting.

Their communication over email immediately made me feel heard and appreciated. I immediately knew it would be worth hiring them to write my copy for me. Jenny did a phenomenal job at turning my questionnaire and client phone calls into beautifully written words. Green Chair Stories’ whole process digs in deep to help you figure out what your brand is and what sets you apart. They are so unbelievably professional throughout the process and to top it off they work fast. 

After working with them I feel so proud of my website. Not only does it reflect me in the way it looks but the words that live on it. I feel like a huge piece of me is out in the universe which is pretty dang awesome. 
I absolutely loved working with them and cannot recommend them enough to anyone feeling lost writing about themselves.


Also? It takes a village. This project came to life with the help of
custom web design + development by Jennifer Morgan Creative.

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