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I was surprised to get an email from Sash in May. Surprised and thrilled. She’s not my typical client, but she stumbled upon my guide, The Photographer’s Guide To Write Your Site Right. She was writing copy for her new social media management business and wondered if the guide could help her. I emailed back with a loud “YES!”

Though the guide is written for photographers, I’ve had so many other creatives use it with great results: designers, other copywriters, and coaches. Anyone who provides a service can use the guide to write compelling copy. Sash is proof!


a bigger story



Social media is sometimes seen as the “icing on the cake” when it comes to marketing a business. But Sash sees the bigger story you need to tell and then uses social media as a tool to get that message out there. She uses it to take your brand story from the your customer’s peripheral and into their direct line of sight. 

People buy from people and companies they believe in. And Sash knows how to get people to believe in what you’re offering, one post at a time. Her copy on her site gets you excited for someone else to tell a bigger story about your brand!


Something a lot of people do is over-write. They don’t know how to say just enough and end up saying way too much, overwhelming their readers. Sash not only wrote engaging copy, but she edited it well. Every word has a purpose. She created a narrative that flows from the Home page to the Contact page too. She pulls you into the story of her business and what she can do for you, all while making her potential client the main character. She nailed the balance of professional and fun, giving great personal details without making her hobbies her entire brand. 10/10 WELL DONE Sash!




“This guide…changed me (is that weird?). It was the most cathartic process. I truly felt like the guide was a word-savvy therapist challenging and encouraging me on every page. I had been fighting through a ton of imposter syndrome, and the guide somehow weeded through all of my yuckiest doubts about myself and mined out the goodness that made me want to launch my business to begin with. It breathed confidence into my words and brought them to a place where I felt rooted in my voice and could clearly communicate who I am and what I have to offer my potential clients.

This guide is my new bible. Moving forward, I will forever pull it back out, put on my “copy lenses”, and know that I am fully equipped to write whatever amount of copy is in front of me — be it captions or blog posts or an entire website.

I’ve only been live for a few weeks but have already gotten loads of compliments. People have noticed even the tiny details, like my calls to action. The guide leaves no area of copy untouched.”

Also? It takes a village. This project came to life with the help of a Squarespace template from Big Cat Creative.

Want to browse more case studies? Right this way.


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