Eden Grace…A birth story.

I’ve written about these people quite a few times on the blog: Sherice as a mother, them as a family, and how Eden’s birth impacted me. So I won’t write too much more about this, but I promise that this post is going to be my favorite one about this family to date.

I rarely get to show everyone an entire set of photographs because, well, it’s a lot of photographs. But the entire set so often tells a story that single images can’t. It shows personalities and moments that add up to the character of a family or event. So many people say that pictures can speak a thousand words and if that’s true, what can 150 pictures speak?

That said, I’m so excited to share the full story of Eden’s birth. I know this can be a little much for some people, so know ahead of time that these are images of a birth. In this set, you won’t see blood or parts of Sherice you don’t want to see. But you will see a tender husband, a supportive sister, and a whole lotta love. And it’s beautiful. I promise.

Ladies and gentlemen, Eden Grace!

(Go to this link to watch the HD version. It’s worth it, promise.)

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